“I’ll Tell You the Ultimate Secret of Madness…”

Hellblazer was my first love as an adult comics reader, which essentially made Vertigo my first drug dealer when Constantine was shuffled over to the (then) new imprint. I attacked just about every other early Vertigo title with the kind of gusto only a 19-year-old can summon. My next favorite book, after Hellblazer, was Peter Milligan’s reboot of Shade the Changing Man. As you can imagine, Milligan currently writing Hellblazer is really a personal treat for me, and the most recent ‘No Future’ story was pretty brilliant, all things considered. The next arc, however, by this point in the paragraph, should be a no-brainer as to why I’m excited. So, to cut to the chase, I offer the following Hellblazer cover art posted on the Vertigo website today:

Run, rabbit, run.

I believe this is where you young whippersnapper fanboys say “SQUEE” these days. My favorite touch is John’s tie and, as Janice’s ever-sharp eyes caught, his boxers. If there’s anyone in comics who can be said to have the Madness in his trousers, it’s John Constantine. Can’t wait.