Dr. Dinosaur, On My Desk?! And An Award…

This summer’s been kind of a wild ride for us, with ups and downs. We certainly haven’t stopped reading and keeping up with things. Two things this week that I can’t let pass without commenting on.

The first bit is just a light bit of squee. The fine people behind the Department-loved Atomic Robo have announced a follow up to the fantastic Robo limited statue they made last year- the one I own I love dearly- featuring the epically insane character Dr. Dinosaur. Here’s the unpainted prototype:


I cannot begin to express the joy I feel that he’s wearing the cooler. If you missed out on the Robo statue, you’re also in luck; they’ll be doing another run of that as well. Available first quarter, 2011.

Second, a moment to issue a congratulations to Matt Fraction for winning the 2010 PEN USA Literary Award for Graphic Literature for ‘his outstanding body of work.’ This is the first year they’re offering an award in this category, so it’s an extra special honor for him. It’s always nice to see the form recognized like this in new corners, and I can’t help but think it marks a similar point in his career as it did when Neil Gaiman won the World Fantasy Award in 1991. Cheers, Matt. Even Rex Mantooth elevates us all.