They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Today is Janice’s birthday, so happy birthday to her. As such things are a little busy around the Department as we celebrate. Not to fear, though! There’s another exciting segment of The Best Characters of 2009 in the pipe, and tomorrow night, being new comics night, will see more reviews. In the mean time, have some awesome art. This was a piece I commissioned from Department H favorite and all around great guy Matt Wagner as a wedding present for myself and Janice back in 2008. It was a surprise for her, and Matt was a real champ about both having it ready by SDCC that year and really milking the surprise when we got to his table. It’s of Tuncer and Rotini Barilla, our main characters that we played on City of Heroes.


He took liberty with the chest slider, but it's still awfully heroic.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you tomorrow!