“The Losers:” The Trailer’s Finally Here

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…Hm. I bought the TPB Wednesday night and intend to crack it open today (I’m laid up at home), so I can’t really say how faithful this is to Andy Diggle and Jock’s original work. (I’m sure more than one of you can in the comments, though!) What I can say is that I dig the Ocean’s Eleven-gone-paramilitary vibe, I like the production design, and the VFX house behind it appears to be Vancouver-based Image Engine, who blew everyone away with District 9 last summer. Plus, Peter Berg wrote the screenplay, and he’s well-known for his work as both actor and director in action films likeThe Kingdom.

I’ll be curious to see how this fares– I want it to do well, but it’s the early contender in a summer of paramilitary-hijinks and comics-adaptation films like Joe Carnahan’s A-Team remake (starring Liam Neeson and slated for June 11th), July’s action-comedy Knight and Day (I’m dubious, it’s Tom Cruise), the Jonah Hex movie (soundtrack by Mastodon!), and the 800-pound gorilla that is Iron Man 2. Hopefully, The Losers will be buoyed by Zoe Saldana’s post-Avatar and Trek star power– she has a lead role as the cunning and dangerous Aisha, and she’s always a pleasure to watch.

The Losers debuts April 9th.