Fan Activism: Fall on Your S.W.O.R.D.!

Abigail Brand and the Beast, by Steven Sanders.

Abigail Brand and the Beast, by Steven Sanders.

I reviewed it yesterday, so now’s a good time to mention that Greg Hyatt over at NerderyBlog thinks there’s cause for concern about the longevity of Marvel’s S.W.O.R.D. He’s rallying fans to show their support by mailing a special flyer to Marvel headquarters, presumably on the theory that a minor mail avalanche will have a greater impact than yelling about the book on the Internet. (It’s a good theory! I approve!)

ICv2’s the December ’09 Top 300 Actual numbers show S.W.O.R.D.‘s second issue firmly lodged at #141 with 15,113 copies sold– ahead of a number of critically well-received titles like Criminal: The Sinners, Chew, and Scalped. However, that’s still a 31% sales drop from the 21,988 copies the premiere issue sold in November, and the fluctuating state of Marvel’s publishing slate means we can’t really know if the title will be dropped in the near future. (Does anyone know what’s going on with Incredible Hercules, while we’re on that topic?)

The closest thing S.W.O.R.D. fans have to an official statement comes from writer Kieron Gillen, who says he hasn’t heard anything one way or the other. However, Gillen does cite the sales charts as the impetus for Greg’s fan movement– so if you’re feeling the Beast and Brand love, you might want to print up Greg’s premade PDF, add your own polite note of support, and mail it off to Marvel HQ.

(Also, if you’d like a full-size version of that adorable Beast and Brand pic, grab it here.)

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