The Week In Review: 1/18-1/24

Chad and I went down to the Library Alehouse for lunch, during which he had an 18% ABV stout from Dogfish. His last words before disappearing down the drunk Modern Warfare hole were “You update the blog, I think there’s something wrong with me.”

So! This week saw the somewhat lackluster first ep of Fox’s Human Target, the end of S.W.O.R.D., and Dustin Harbin taking on Harry Truman.

Chad sang the praises of a paternal Prawn, a skeevy Grey, and a dedicated EOD expert. I thought about Iron Man after watching Dr. Strange deal with shit just getting real in the pages of that book. I also continued struggling with Scott McCloud.

We had reviews for Joe the Barbarian and Spider-Woman, and capsules for the somewhat uneven Uncanny X-Men and the high-adventuring Spider-Man 1602.

We’re still participating in Alert Nerd’s True Geek Confessions crossover on February 17th, and attending the Long Beach Comics Expo February 20th. In addition, we’re going to try to make an appearance at the Popgun 4 release party February 24th at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Oh, and we’ll be at the Jonathan Coulton/ Paul and Storm show at Largo Feb. 21, purely for the nerd fun of it. If you’ve never been to Largo and you’re an LA-based geek, you should; it’s a club venue that never makes me feel like I’m not cool enough to be there, and they host a lot of awesome geek shows.

February is going to be busy– my latest VFX gig* is going to take up most of my free time for most of the month– but we’re still going to keep to at least five days a week of updates. We owe to you guys for sticking with us.

*Note that I can’t talk about my VFX gigs on the blog, and neither can Chad– we operate under legal agreements with our employers about that kind of thing. Please don’t ask in comments about what we’re working on. We’d love to tell you, but we have to wait until it’s legit to do so.

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  1. That Worldwide Stout really sneaks up on you! They’ve made batches as strong as 23%, all compulsively drinkable. I symathize with Chad; I fell off a stool at the Sharp Edge while doing research for an article on the ABV battle then raging between DFH and Boston Brewing.

    Thanks for the pointer to Joe the Barbarian. I would have missed that without the recommendation.