The obligatory intro post: Chad

Because why ruin the theme.

If she’s the admin and editor, I suppose I’m everything else. My introduction to comics came with, of all things, the original Longshot miniseries. (A fact that surprised even Art Adams at Comic Con a couple years back.) For reasons lost to time, comics as a whole didn’t stick then, but a friend got me hooked on Hellblazer (Neil Gaiman’s excellent “Hold Me,” specifically) and the rest of what would shortly thereafter become Vertigo. I hung with that for several years, and then my college days waned and the fabled Real World sunk in and my reading list fell to the wayside. Aside from the occasional trade series (I’m looking at you, Preacher) my head was other places.

Then I met Janice, and before I knew it not only was she living with me, she was shoving a giant copy of Mage: The Hero Discovered at me and suddenly I was driving to Golden Apple every week.

Some stuff happened in between all that, like graduating from the Florida State Film School, moving to Los Angeles, and working in visual effects for almost 14 years. Needless to say movies have also played a big part in my life, so expect the line between that and comics to be as blurry as… the current relationship between comics and movies. My tastes are many and varied, and probably best left as an item for eventual discovery.

That’s us. We’ll probably be tweaking things over the next month or so as we get used to things here, so pardon any weirdness in advance.

The Eastern Federal Corporation welcomes you! To the movies!

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