Mike Mignola Signing at Golden Apple Comics

We swung by Golden Apple Comics Saturday afternoon to check out the Mike Mignola appearance. Ryan and the crew were suited up in their finest occult-fighting Men in Black attire to assist as fans young and old came to meet the creator of Hellboy and participate in the Dark Horse ‘Join the B.P.R.D.’ campaign. Badges were handed out and an awesome photo booth was set up for pictures form the event. We got to meet and talk a little with Christine, his wife, and have arranged to set up an email interview with the man himself, so if you’ve got any questions for Mike, let us know, and maybe we’ll throw yours in!

Here’s some pictures from the event:

Lots of folks waiting...

Mike signs for a fan

Golden Apple's own Matt makes photo booth images on the fly

Mike signs for one of his youngest fans

Mike answers questions as his daughter looks on

Ryan Leibowitz: International Man of Mystery

Ryan Liebowitz: International Man of Mystery

The Mignola Clan: wife Christine, daughter, and Mike

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