Friday Night Videos: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Tonight’s video is “Where Was My Brain (Interface),” from The Brutalist Bricks, the new Ted Leo and the Pharmacists album. (Feel free to buy it from the Amazon MP3 store.)

So what does a DC-based postpunk act like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have to do with comics? The connection may seem tenuous, but it’s there. Leo and his band are semi-regularly featured on Tom Scharpling’s long-form comedy show, The Best Show on WFMU. The Best Show has a big following of devoted listener-callers… among them Invincible Iron Man writer and Ted Leo fan Matt Fraction.

In fact, Fraction is such a Best Show fan, he even asked Terry Dodson to draw Pixie in a “Newbridge is for Lovers” shirt in Uncanny 507, Newbridge being the fictional town where a bunch of recurring Best Show gags are set. (If you share the love, you can score your own shirt here for $16.)

Unsurprisingly, Fraction’s also got a big love for Ted Leo… and c’mon, can’t you just see this song as an anthem for Tony Stark’s resurgence in the Heroic Age? Fraction, bent over his plot outlines, mouthing the words as he forces Tony to confront his Civil War-era sins?

Yeah. That’s why this is our Friday Night Video this week. Well, that, and Leo’s playing the Troubadour in Los Angeles tomorrow night. We’ll be there, of course, thinking of Tony.

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