Shit Just Got Real: Hercules, Fall of an Avenger #1

Namora punches Namor, with "MAAAANUP!" sound effect.

Yeah, Namor! You do that!

Seriously, Namor. You just got audibly served by Namora in the midst of your overwhelming, smoldering angst over Herc’s passing. Shit just got real.

The rest of this book is pretty good, by the way… until you get to the reactions of various Marvel women to Herc’s passing, which boil down to “He was a total asshole, but he had a great cock and we totally had sexy sex, so it’s OK.” Not a particularly progressive narrative moment for a company in the middle of a yearlong event focusing on women in comics, but not out of spec for van Lente’s treatment of female characters, either. It’s a shame, too– the rest of this issue is fantastic, save for that one bit that ruins it for me.

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