I’ve Been Shot: Prologue

A few years ago, while killing time waiting for our laundry to finish at our favorite local laundrocoffeeshop, Janice was idly perusing the LA Weekly and, for reasons lost to time, wound up sifting through the dense section of ads for live music coming up. Los Angeles is a hotbed of new and aspiring bands of all shapes and sizes, but what stuck out the most was some of the names people had chosen for their bands.

Now, I’m almost positive that just about anyone our age has played the ‘that’s totally a band name, dude’ game with friends. Certain combinations of words just reach out and grab that part of the brain that desires jingles for fast food and catchy slogans. It was amusing to discover that not only do a lot of people play this game, some people actually make good on the idle threat of, “I’m totally naming my electronica ska-thrash band Doggie Butt Covers.”

Her favorite name in the first round was a band called I’ve Been Shot, and thus that became the name of the random feature where we’d post especially worthy real band names for our friends. Now that we have an actual, branded space of our own, I thought it deserved a resurrection. To kick things off, lets have a list of classics, the best of the best from a few years back when we did this the first time. So without further ado, I’ve Been Shot!

  • Into the Moat
  • Nodes of Ranvier (huh?)
  • Oblidge (mis-spelling is a common theme)
  • Pit Bull Daycare
  • Mohrlock
  • Nightmare of the Elf
  • Tuna Helpers
  • Vaginal Davis (performing with Tuna Helpers, appropriately enough)
  • We Are the Double Crossed
  • Pillow of Wrongness
  • Captain Smackdown
  • Johnny Satanseed (“They fight crime!”)
  • Zeitgeist Auto Parts
  • Lord Have Mercy on Us
  • The Bruce Lee Band
  • The Skashank Redemption (bad ska puns! catch them all!)
  • Chewy Puma
  • Bang Bang Bunny
  • Where’s Moo
  • Les Georges Leningrad
  • Beer Thieves of America
  • Slight Tear in the Fabric of Spacetime
  • The Nip Drivers
  • Very Be Careful (yeah, exactly like that)
  • Magnolia Thunderpussy
  • Felonious Punk
  • The Shitizens
  • Mercilles Death (that’s nearly a baby name)
  • Hot Sauce Johnson
  • Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge Revue
  • The Barnyard Ballers
  • My Barbarian
  • Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound
  • Explogasm
  • Jedi Mind Tricks (all too easy)
  • The Speechwriters LLC (bonus points for the limited-liability bit)
  • Books on Tape
  • Telephone Jim Jesus
  • Big Organ Trio
  • The Phenomenauts
  • Facehumper (oh, wow)
  • The Formaldebrides (performing with…)
  • The Deadutantes (and the Zombillys! what a deal!)
  • The Aggro Puppet Show
  • Goast (not death metal, oddly)
  • Mötochrist (now mit umlaut!)
  • No Sex Just Dancing
  • The Salty Scrogs
  • B.B. Chung King and the Buddaheads
  • These Arms Are Snakes
  • This Song Is a Mess But So Am I
  • Dudes de los Muertos
  • A Billion Ernies
  • Have Another Monkey
  • Fez Armada
  • The Bolides (bonus points: geekery)
  • Chupacobra

And I can’t think a of a better way to end this list than with this gem:

  • The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

That’s the past, next week: The now!

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